Reading Counts

The Green Meadow School uses the Scholastic Reading Counts! program. It is very popular with teachers and students and helps students improve their reading skills. Starting in 1st grade, students may begin to use the program when their teacher feels that they are ready. At the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Patino will do a lesson with all 2nd grade classes on how to use the program. Students are encouraged to start with lower level books at first in order to get used to the way the system works. As they continue to pass quizzes, Mrs. Patino and classroom teachers will encourage students to continue to challenge themselves. Students in 3rd grade may use Reading Counts whenever they wish.
How it works: Students choose and check out a Reading Counts book from the library or they may use any book that there is a Reading Counts quiz for.. After reading the book, they sign in on a computer, either at the library or in their classroom.  The quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions. After finishing all 10 questions, students will see their score. The student must answer at least seven questions right in order to pass the quiz. If they do not pass the test the first time, we ask them to take the book back to class with them, read it again, and try to take the test again the next day. Students must wait at least 24 hours before they can try the quiz again.  Students may try the quiz three times. Once a student passes the quiz, they return the book and choose a new one.

Prizes: Prizes are given out in the library only on "Prize Day", which is approximately every 2 months.  Prizes are given out according to the number of quizzes passed. The order is: 3 quizzes passed = 1st prize; 7 quizzes passed = 2nd prize; 12 quizzes passed =3rd prize, etc. 

There are many Reading Counts books available at the library. There is a book case set aside with Reading Counts books at different levels, and there are other Reading Counts books throughout the library. All Reading Counts books have a round green sticker on the spine.