Current Events in the Library

Hello Green Meadow students and families! I hope everyone is staying busy and healthy while we're taking a break from school for a little while. I miss seeing you all in the library, and I hope we can be back at Green Meadow very soon. In the meantime, please explore this website for fun things to keep you busy during your time at home. I'm always on the lookout for activities and websites that I think you might like, and feel free to email me if you find anything you think I should add to our library website. See you soon,

Ms. Paisner

3rd Grade Project Results Updated!

I mailed a letter to 3rd graders to ask them to solve a riddle, and what they've been reading lately. 3rd graders, it has been so exciting to receive mail from you, please see what I've gotten in the mail so far! Check this page often, I'm going to post pictures of the mail here every day that I receive it.