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An important objective of The Green Meadow Library is exposing our students to classic literature, intertwined with current literature that reflects the ever-changing world around us.  This includes award-winning books, and books that reflect and honor a variety of cultural and life experiences in an authentic and accurate way, so students can see themselves represented in books, and learn about the world from different perspectives.
Positivity Post-Updated 3/2/2020
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Please click below for video and article links that discuss the importance of exposing students to diverse literature:
https://youtu.be/mrrh0G-OkBw  *please ignore the request for donations at the end of the video:)"

Great resources to stay up-to-date on new and noteworthy diverse literature:
Websites:                                       Blogs:
-We Need Diverse Literature                 -Disability in Kidlit
-National Education Association          -Reading While White
-Multicultural Children's Book Day     -Book Dragon (Smithsonian Asian
-Children's Book Council                          Pacific American Center)
-Anti-Defamation League                      -Elizabeth Bluemle
-Teaching Tolerance                                 -The Barefoot Mommy
-Jane Addams Peace
-Reading is Fundamental
-Diverse book finder 
Finding Books in The Green Meadow Library
*Please click below for a short video on using Destiny Quest to find leveled readers and new arrivals in the library:

This section will be updated periodically when new and noteworthy materials are added to our library.  
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-Lesson links for books new to the library