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An important objective of The Green Meadow Library is exposing our students to classic literature, intertwined with current literature that reflects the ever-changing world around us. This includes award-winning books, and books that reflect and honor a variety of cultural and life experiences in an authentic and accurate way, so students can see themselves represented in books, and learn about the world from different perspectives.

Positivity Post-Updated 3/2/2020

Boy Bullied for His Love of Reading Gains Over 240,000 Followers on Instagram

The importance of exposing students to diverse literature.

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Finding Books in The Green Meadow Library

How to use Destiny Quest to find leveled readers and new arrivals in the library

This section will be updated periodically when new and noteworthy materials are added to our library.

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Lesson links for books new to the library

Great resources to stay up-to-date on new and noteworthy diverse literature